85 Engagement Ring Photos from Surprise Proposal Photoshoots

85 Engagement Ring Photos from Surprise Proposal Photoshoots

85 Engagement Ring Photos - Reilly's surprise proposal to Lauren at Watch Hill, RI

85 Engagement Ring Photos from Surprise Proposal Photoshoots

Capturing the Joy of Engagement Rings
As I approach my 100th surprise proposal, it dawns on me that I have had the privilege of capturing the sparkle of engagement rings on the hands of countless couples, each radiating with joy and the promise of a future together.

Highlighting the Ring with Subject Separation
As part of my proposal photography package, I offer an engagement shoot after the big moment, where a significant focus is placed on showcasing the ring in all its splendor. Using a technique in many photos called subject separation, I isolate the ring from the couple, allowing it to shine as the centerpiece of the photograph. This technique enables me to capture the intricate details of the ring, from the delicate setting to the mesmerizing brilliance of the gemstone.

A Collection of 85 Ring Photos/Poses
I’m thrilled to share a collection of 85 ring poses from 85 separate engagement shoots in this blog. While these photographs represent many but not all the couples I’ve photographed, they encompass a diverse array of engagement ring styles, reflecting the unique personalities and preferences of each couple.

Right Hand (In one photo)
One of my clients was from Lebanon where engagement rings are worn on the right-hand until the wedding day, when it moves over the left hand.

A Common Thread: Unwavering Joy

Despite the diverse styles of engagement rings, one common thread weaves through every photograph – the unwavering joy that radiates from the hands of the couples. Their happiness is palpable whether it’s a shy smile, a tender embrace, or a sparkle in their eyes.

This profound joy fuels my passion for capturing engagement ring photographs. As I embark on the journey toward my 100th surprise proposal, I remain committed to immortalizing the magic of this momentous occasion, one ring and one couple at a time.

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