One of the most significant challenges that I face when shooting a surprise proposal is recognizing ‘my couple’ as they arrive to a chosen spot.

To minimize any errors, I ensure that we (the partner proposing and I) and have an agreement and fully understand where the proposal will occur. Or, at least we do our very best!

Also, most importantly, I ask for a photo of the couple, preferably a selfie taken on the day of the proposal, to help me recognize them as they arrive so I can stay out of sight until the magical moment. When a selfie is out of the question, as it occasionally is, I ask for a description of what they are wearing.

One technique that can make life easier for all parties is to (for iPhone users) utilize the iPhone’s ‘Find My’ app which will show the location of the couple as they make their way to me.

Step # 1
Add my name to your address book (Contacts)

Note: you May not want to put me in your address book as ‘photographer’ as that will be a give way, some clients call me ‘Mom.’ Whatever will work for you to keep our texting secret.

Step # 2
As you leave for the proposal, open the ‘Find My’ app and click on the ‘+’ sign to share your location

share my location

and select my name from your address book and select the ‘Share for one hour’ option.

share location

When your location shared is shared with me, I  will in return share my location. It may not be possible for you to look at your phone but if you can, this can be helpful you and ‘very’ helpful for me.