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It all Began with a Praktica Camera in 1977

To me, photography is much more than a profession.  It is the journey that led to finding my passion.  My journey began in the mid-’70s with a Praktica.  In short, this type of camera is far from automatic.  There was plenty to learn, but with each success, my love of photography was fueled.  There was no going back.   To this day, I thank that particular camera for teaching me the intricacies of photography.  It allowed me to see how important technique is to the final product.  It asked me to adapt and learn with each new setting.  It is why I like to stretch the boundaries of traditional photography.  My work reflects my creativity, adaptability, and diversity.   Photography has taken me all over and introduced me to so much vibrancy all around.  It was only a matter of time before my passion became a profession.  While George Ross Photography sounds simple, I pride myself on being able to work in any complicated situation.  My goal is always the same; capture the moment in its best possible light.  Let the picture tell the story.  If you have a story to capture, I look forward to working with you.

Enjoy this Variety of Photographs of George at Work in Different Environments

photographer, on a cold day, shooting a bridal party on bonnet shores, with jamestown bridge, rhode island, in the background

On a very cold New Years Eve day, we photographed the bridal party on the beach at Bonnet Shores, Rhode Island, with the Jamestown Bridge in the background. I was wearing  hat, gloves and a camel hair overcoat while the ladies braved the cold. Somehow they were able to look incredible glamorous while dealing with the bone-chilling cold.