About George Ross Photographer

It all Began with a Praktica Camera in 1977

To me, photography is much more than a profession.  It is the journey that led to finding my passion.  My journey began in the mid-’70s with a Praktica.  In short, this type of camera is far from automatic.  There was plenty to learn, but with each success, my love of photography was fueled.  There was no going back.   To this day, I thank that particular camera for teaching me the intricacies of photography.  It allowed me to see how important technique is to the final product.  It asked me to adapt and learn with each new setting.  It is why I like to stretch the boundaries of traditional photography.  My work reflects my creativity, adaptability, and diversity.   Photography has taken me all over and introduced me to so much vibrancy all around.  It was only a matter of time before my passion became a profession.  While George Ross Photography sounds simple, I pride myself on being able to work in any complicated situation.  My goal is always the same; capture the moment in its best possible light.  Let the picture tell the story.  If you have a story to capture, I look forward to working with you.

On a very cold New Years Eve day, we photographed the bridal party on the beach at Bonnet Shores, Rhode Island, with the Jamestown Bridge in the background. I was wearing  hat, gloves and a camel hair overcoat while the ladies braved the cold. Somehow they were able to look incredible glamorous while dealing with the bone-chilling cold.

Lyn and Chris wanted their wedding portraits taken at the point Judith Lighthouse. Working with the US Coast Guard, I obtained permission for the shoot and while it was a tad blustery we obtained great results (Check out their South County Rhode Island Wedding).

My second shooter caught this nice candid moment of myself, the groom and best man sharing a smile before the ceremony at Kelly and Ryan’s Hotel Viking Wedding, Newport, Rhode Island.

Sometimes you have to be uncomfortable and get dirty to get the shot, or in this case many shots. I am picture here lying in the mud at the Bold’r Dash obstacle race. I spent 6-hours lying in the mud!

The beauty of digital photography technology permits the photographer to ensure that everything is correct with the shot, here George is reviewing a photograph with Laura and Ryan during their wedding.

For 6 years, George was the team photographer for Providence Roller Derby and here George can be seen jumping into a team shot of the Mob Squad team during their team ‘headshot night.’

When photographing sporting events, George loves inclement weather, the nastier the weather the better. Once the Aquatech (Gore-Tex) rain gear is on the camera, bring on the weather.

This was a fun shoot, a pinup calendar shoot at Dick Happy Classic Car museum in Providence, Rhode Island. Here George is working with The House of Mood’s Fringe Follies giving them guidance on posing.

What an exciting event, photographing Lisa on her 2.4-mile swim across Narraganset Bay under the shadows of the Newport Bridge. For this shoot, I left my Canon EOS gear at home and opted for a GoPro.

Getting down and dirty is often needed top get the best shots. On a beautiful fall day, my spot was photographing all the athlete crawling under the wire in the mud pool at the Southwick, MA,  Rugged Maniac event.

Getting down and dirty is often needed top get the best shots. On a beautiful fall day, my spot was photographing all the athlete crawling under the wire in the mud pool at the Southwick, MA,  Rugged Maniac event.

Pre-wedding can be so much fun, here George can be seen sharing a joke with the groomsmen before the wedding ceremony at Alton Jones, Whispering Pines, West Greenwich, Rhode Island

On of the more important moments at a wedding is the first dance between the newly appointed husband and wife, here George can be seen following the action to create some very special former memories.

If you spend 6-hours lying in the you get muddy. Fortunately, to protect the camera George uses Aquatech rain covers which only leave the lens glass exposed and to protect that a UV filter is used and so ‘bring on the mud.’

In this shot, George can be seen standing in the shallow ocean while photographing surfers riding the large waves initiated by a fall tropical storm.

Photographing 5K races are very tough to photograph because the race is not long enough to stretch out the mid-pack. With runners breaking the tape at the rate of 100 per minute, stand high on a step ladder giver the photographer the best opportunity to capture as many runners as possible.

Photo Credits:

The awesome cover photo on this page was taken by Scott Mason during one of our annual pilgrimages to shoot the Boston Marathon. a couple of great photographers that I have the pleasure to work with, Doug Learned and Scott Mason; and Kate Hoffman, Patrick Quinn, Max Aperture & Welts. If I missed any one, please let me know. Thank you for capturing me at work!