Wedding Photographer


When I met Andrew and Meaghan to discuss their wedding day shoot plan at the Wyndham Hotel in Beacon Hill, Boston they had not given any thought to a location for their wedding portraits. Once we looked at their time-line we figured we would have about 45 minutes from shooting the family formals to making their entrance at the Wedding reception. Not much time to leave the 15th floor, move to a location. Complete the shoot and return. I suggested Acorn Street ( which I had previously used for an engagement shoot as does most of Boston, apparently), a historic Boston street which was only a few minutes away from the hotel; and if we jumped into a taxi and asked the Taxi to wait for us, we could make this happen.

On the wedding the day the family formals were completed at 630pm, the three of us took off with urgency and jumped into the taxi cab out side of the hotel. We hit a snag when we asked the driver to take as to Acorn street -3 minutes away – because he did not know where it was and pulled out his phone, opened Google maps and asked us to spell Acorn. In a normal situation, this would not be a problem but every second counted on this cab ride. So, Andrew pulled out his iPhone and called out turn-by-turn directions to the driver. When we arrived Acorn Street, we asked the cab driver to leave the meter running and wait for us, which he did. The street was full of tourists, and so we had to wait for a gap to work when it happened Andrew and Meaghan took up a few poses and I set to work. It was one hour before sunset, and we were working in a narrow street, and so it was a little dark which forced me to push the ISO above 1000. It was not what I wanted but needs must. I used a little fill flash with a Gary Fong diffuser, and I am quite happy with the result. With the shoot over, we jumped back in the cab and were back at the hotel at 7 pm, 15 minutes before the entrance and enough time to test my wireless off-camera strobes for the entrance. Breath!