A Rhode Island Photographer

George is Fun to Work with and Offers a Wide Range of Services

Rhode Island photographer George Ross specializes in capturing images that tell a story, showcase a product, or highlight a person, event, or business. He is creative, diverse, and exciting to work with. His passion for photography is present in every image and every setting; his artful eye guides him through the most difficult of lighting situations. Photographer George brings over forty years of experience, and his portfolio shows his breadth and depth in the field of visual imagery. If you are looking for a shutterbug who will work with you, George Ross is the one.

Enjoy life as captured through the lens of photographer George Ross!

His studio is centrally located in Rhode Island but he travels and shoots wherever his clients need him.

Long before the wedding, there is the proposal and the engagement. A unique moment in time, one little but a huge word, YES! Capture this moment forever by hiring a professional photographer. George loves to get to know each couple, understanding their vision to create images that reflect their unique story.

Your wedding day is magical, the most memorable time of your life. A day, an unforgettable day that will tell the story of your wedding. George will capture these beautiful moments, each unique, and will preserve them in beautiful photos. He will also provide his clients who sign up for a deluxe or premium package with a wedding highlight video so that you can relive that special day over and over again. While this will not replace a video if your budget is tight, this is an attractive feature of the wedding photography packages.

Wedding photography is just one element of the Photography Business; he also shoots:


Wedding photography is just one element of the Photography Business; he also shoots:


Headshots and Portraits
Headshots make an impression, a powerful impression! bringing out the best in each of his clients. Whether you are looking for a formal portrait, family portrait, glamor portrait, social media profile headshot, business headshot, or something a little more creative, or something fun and quirky, Photographer George will make the magic happen!


Business headshots
The first point of contact that potential customers will have with your business is your web site and always remember the power of first impressions. How do you and your leadership team look on your website? Do you need to improve the quality of the staff photos? He will make this process seamless; he can come to you with the use of a mobile studio and set up in your location or can shoot in your work setting. He will make you, your team, and your business leave a lasting impression.

Product Photography
Beautiful product and commercial photography sell products; it’s kind of that simple! With a background in sales and marketing, Photographer George will create images that will market your products. Product photography is a required element for every website, e-commerce store, piece of marketing collateral, catalog, and use on social media outlets. It takes an experienced photographer with an understanding of marketing to make a product look stunning. he will take your business to the next level with excellent product imagery.

Family Photographs
Time flies right before our very eyes, so fast it is gone before we know it. Memorialize your loved ones each passing year with a family photo shoot.

High School Senior Pictures
The senior year of high school is something to treasure, the last year before these students head out into the world on their own. A senior student photoshoot captures this memory to reflect the personality of each student. Each senior shoot is unique; He will use his creativity and the student’s input to create photos that last a lifetime.

Dog and Furry Friend Photography
Getting that perfect shot of your dog or four-legged friend takes patience, confidence, and the love of animals. Animals can have a mind of their own and be more than challenging. As an experienced animal lover, he will get the best out of your pet and will travel to you or work in his studio in Richmond.


Boudoir and Burlesque Photography
Women are very strong, very sexy, and powerful. Burlesque and Boudoir photography captures these sentiments in compelling images. This type of photography is for all women, regardless of shape, size, or age: everyone! The output from our work will be images that portray sensuality, beauty, and strength. From live shows to photoshoots, Photographer George will make you feel comfortable and beautiful.

Maternity and Newborn Baby Photography
From pregnancy to birth and the months beyond, these are the moments that you want to memorialize forever. He shoots beautiful maternity and baby photography. From whimsical to beautifully creative, each image will reflect you and your baby’s personality.

Interior Space Photography
Shooting interior spaces requires expertise and the ability to problem-solve because often there is very little room and bad lighting. He has expertise in photographing interior spaces and producing images that make these spaces look stunning. Whether you are a contractor, realtor, or interior designer, you will need professional interior photos to highlight your work or to sell a house.

Event Photography
Each event is unique in its location and purpose. Photographer George is not only available for event photography; he loves it. He will travel throughout New England, photographing dedications, business events, award ceremonies, performance art, and so much more.

Sports Photography
George capturing athletes in their natural competitive habitat.? If it moves, George will capture it! Sports Photography requires the right equipment – fast professional-grade lenses and professional-grade camera bodies – and decades of experience. Being an athlete himself, George understands what it takes to get the perfect action shot. Whatever the weather – rain or snow, wherever the location.

Photography for Media Outlets
George has been featured in many publications. As you can see, his work is diverse and creative and can be adapted to most situations. George brings professionalism, talent, and passion to every shoot and will represent you well.