Corporate team headshots

The Trelleborg Group recently held a global team meeting and took the opportunity to have company headshots taken while all the team members (40+) were in a single location; a hotel in Connecticut.

We discussed the photo background and how to pose everyone beforehand, so we began the day with a solid plan. Additionally, I requested that we group all of the folks who wear eyewear together, either at the beginning or the end of the day. A different lighting setup is required to photograph eyewear without glare. By grouping the eyewear folks, I would only need to set the lights up twice, and with so many people to photograph, time would not be my friend.

I took a mobile professional headshot studio, comprising 

  • two studio lights and collapsible softboxes
  • wireless controllers
  • backdrop stand with a 4′ paper backdrop (white)
  • tethering cable
  • MacBook, tethered to the camera, shows each person the images in real-time

headshot photo studio

The evening before the shoot, I built everything up in my studio, tested everything, then packed everything up. I also packed a spare set of wireless controllers and a couple of regular strobes just in case I had any issues onsite; you never know!

I packed up and left for the hotel on the morning of the shoot, arriving at 7:30 am. I used a hotel trolley to carry all my gear into a conference room; I built up the studio, tested everything, and was good to go.

There was no schedule; the team members would come and go as their meetings permitted.

Usually, when I take a headshot in my studio, it is a 30-minute session where I use the first 10 minutes to coach my client and build a relationship; trust is essential to capture a great image. However, I only had a few minutes today with the added complication of my subject’s colleagues watching the proceedings. A huge benefit of tethered shooting  – connecting the camera to a computer  – is that after a couple of shots, the subject can review the images on a large screen and use it like a mirror to make any needed adjustments. Shooting headshots in the manner both speeds up the process and gives the subject a large degree of confidence in the quality of their photographs.

After the last shot, I broke everything down, packed by truck, picked up a coffee, and headed home.

When I returned to my office, I downloaded all photos and imported them into Lightroom, set up an online, password-protected gallery, and uploaded the pictures to the gallery for my client to review and select images for finish editing.

I was provided with a list of the final selections, edited them, and uploaded the final images to a separate gallery.

What the Client Said About the Service

“George took corporate headshots of all 60+ employees who traveled to an offsite meeting event. He did a fantastic job providing direction to ensure we got great results from each subject. His equipment seemed high-quality, as well as his excellent professionalism. His pricing was reasonable, and the turn-around time was fast. Fabulous communication before, during and post event.”
~ Jenny Nichols

About the Trelleborg Group

Trelleborg Group is a Swedish multinational engineering company that designs, manufactures, and markets engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp, and

Trelleborg Group is a Swedish multinational engineering company that designs, manufactures, and markets engineered polymer solutions that seal, damp, and protect critical applications in demanding environments. The company was founded in 1905 in Trelleborg, Sweden, and is headquartered in Stockholm.

Trelleborg has three business areas:

  • Industrial Solutions provides polymer-based critical solutions for industrial applications, such as hoses, sealing systems, and antivibration solutions.
  • Applied Technologies develops and manufactures advanced engineered materials for use in a wide range of applications, including outer space, subsea, and the automotive industry.
  • Fluid Handling Solutions provides a range of fluid handling products, including hoses, expansion joints, and rubber sheeting.

Trelleborg has a global presence, with operations in over 50 countries. The company’s customers include leading companies in the automotive, marine, oil and gas, and construction industries.

Trelleborg is committed to sustainability and has set ambitious goals to reduce its environmental impact. The company has a number of sustainability initiatives in place, including a focus on renewable energy, water conservation, and waste reduction.

If you would like to learn more about professional headshot, pop-over to the headshot web page for details on pricing and sitting for your headshot!

TOP TIP. After photographing many, many, headshots… Relax and ‘trust’ your headshot photographer, with trust comes great headshots!