The Distinguished Young Women of Connecticut competition is part of a national scholarship program that promotes and rewards scholarship, leadership and talent in young women. Each year one representative will advance to the national program in Mobile, Alabama where they give away over $130,000 in cash tuition scholarships.

Gianna Mennella is the Connecticut representative for the class of 2023.

Distinguished Young Women: A Scholarship Program for High School Girls

The Distinguished Young Women (DYW) program is a national scholarship program that recognizes and rewards the scholastic, leadership, and talent of high school girls. The program was founded in 1958 as America’s Junior Miss, and it has since awarded over $118 million in scholarships to over 780,000 young women.

The DYW program is open to all high school girls who are in their junior or senior year. To participate, girls must complete an application, submit an essay, and participate in an interview. The application process is designed to assess the girl’s scholastic achievements, leadership skills, and personal qualities.

Girls who are selected as state representatives advance to the national finals, which are held each year in Mobile, Alabama. The national finals consist of a variety of events, including a personal interview, a talent competition, a fitness competition, and an evening wear competition. The girls are also given the opportunity to participate in workshops and seminars on topics such as public speaking, college admissions, and career planning.

The winner of the national finals is awarded the title of Distinguished Young Woman of America and a cash scholarship of $45,000. The other state representatives are also awarded cash scholarships, and all of the girls who participate in the national finals receive a variety of prizes and benefits.

The DYW program is more than just a scholarship program. It is also an opportunity for young women to develop their leadership skills, learn new things, and make lifelong friends. The program has helped thousands of young women achieve their dreams, and it continues to inspire young women all over the country.

Benefits of participating in the Distinguished Young Women program:

  • Scholarships: The DYW program offers scholarships to state representatives and national finalists. The amount of the scholarship varies depending on the state and the level of competition.
  • Life Skills Training: The DYW program offers life skills training to participants. This training includes workshops on topics such as public speaking, college admissions, and career planning.
  • Opportunities to network: The DYW program provides participants with opportunities to network with other young women from all over the country. This can be helpful for college admissions and job searches.
  • Personal growth: The DYW program can help participants grow personally and develop their leadership skills.

If you are a high school girl who is interested in participating in the Distinguished Young Women program, you can find more information on the program’s website.