keeping wedding photographs safe George Ross Photography takes extra steps to protect your wedding memories.

  • Each camera has two memory cards and the camera write to both cards simultaneously (dual-redundancy), protecting against memory card failure
  • No images are stored on a computer in case of failure, all images are stored on a RAID multi-drive backup system
  • The RAID system is backed-up by a second RAID system using Apple’s Time Machine
  • In addition to the dual-redundant RAIDs, all files are stored in the cloud.

And finally, within 7 days of your wedding, all of your edited files in JPG format will be uploaded to George’s online store where they will remain for the foreseeable future.

This may seem a little overkill, but ‘stuff’ happens and your wedding is a once-off event, no do-overs!

If you want to learn more about wedding photoshoots, pop over to the Wedding Photography web page for details on pricing and links to a selection of real wedding photoshoots.