Small dogs are much more of a challenge than larger breeds but equally photogenic. When I booked the photo shoot for Vinnie and Daisy ( A Pug and Puggle ) I prepared myself to spend a lot of time lying on the floor. My preferred method to shoot dogs is at eye-level the larger the breed the easier it is. With a Pug and a Pugge this meant I would spend the entire shoot on my belly.

In my studio, I have one bag of tricks put aside for dogs shoots and that comprises:

  • An injured animal call
  • Dog Whistle
  • Squeaky tennis balls
  • A variety of squeaky toys
  • A variety of non-squeaky toys
  • Dogs treat  – small dog size
  • Peanut butter

All of my toys were at the ready.

I had set the studio up for hi-key photography…the creation of a brilliant white background using multiple strobes and a white back drop. From experience I knew that the dogs would walk around and this would allow me to get a mix of close-up shots with a nice white background and some nice shadow shots when the dogs would wander in from of my key lights…this always happens and I have learned to use it rather than fight it.

Meet Vinnie and Daisy…enjoy.