crimsons vaudeville riI attended this very fun event last night featuring some pretty cool local performers. The event fee was $10  or $5 if you brought some canned goods for the Amos House.

The artists were:

  • Mari Kattman
  • The Sugar Cones
  • Viking Jesus
  • Ursula
  • Briana Paquin
  • Corinne Southern
  • Pocket Vinyl

The shooting conditions were very tough and I only had a few spots of workable light for the floor performers, it was better on stage but not when the lights were turned down. That said, I am very happy with this set of images, I have one hundred images posted on my Facebook page if you would like to see the complete set.

I used a Canon EOS 1D MK IV and an EF 70-200mm f/2.8. In manual mode, I selected ISO levels between 3200 and 5000, open the lens up to f/2.8 and adjusted the shutter speed to accommodate the ever changing lighting conditions. You have to ignore the camera light meter, when shooting concert images, because in order  expose for skin tone, you, typically, have to under expose from the camera’s light meter by one to two stops. In this case, trust your eye not your camera.