On Sunday night I attended ‘Danse Salmagundi – Spring Frolics Returns’  a wonderful set of dance performances put on by the ever energetic Ameena. The event was held in Dusk, Providence, Rhode Island, and while it created a nice ambiance for the performers the lighting was a tad tough. While there was limited stage lighting, the lights were small and directly above the performers creating a small hot sport and tough shadows.

I whine about the lighting at events like this but continue to do them because I believe that  it is good to technically challenge oneself to ensure I do not get lazy behind the lens.

However, that said, there is something magical about performance art images taken in less than perfect lighting,  I will be posting photos from most of the dance sets but I am kicking it off with the vibrant and colorful Aslahan Oryantal (Visit Aslahan’s website).

The Technical Stuff:

Body: EOS 1D MkIV
Lens: L Series EF 85mm/f1.2
Settings: f/1.4, 1/400th and ISO3200 (Ideally, I would have liked a faster shutter speed but these were my compromise settings. I initially started shooting with an f/2.8 lens but it was just too dark)

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