Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) !

Wedding Photography FAQs

Yes, a copy of my insurance certificate is available upon request.

Within Rhode Island and nearby Connecticut and Massachusetts, the price of a wedding package begins at $2,850 for the standard DeLuxe package and includes:

  • One photographer and assistant
  • Deposit only 10%
  • Time: available from wedding prep. to reception
  • Proof photos available for online review in 7 days
  • Online Review Gallery and Guest Ordering (see sample)
  • Shot List Development: visit wedding facilities with the couple and create a shoot plan. (see sample)
  • Photos on a presentation disc with printing rights
  • Highlight memory slideshow (see sample)
  • Basic Photo Editing
  • Print credits $125. View products and pricing
  • Engagement session not included

George recognizes that sometimes ‘life gets in the way’ and as a result requests a  low 10% non-refundable deposit for the DeLuxe Wedding photography package.

Wedding photography packages that include proposal and engagement photography will have a slight higher deposit rate.

When the lights go down and the dancing starts, there is not enough shoot photographs of the wedding guests celebrating the wedding with dance  – movement is almost impossible to freeze without light. The movement of the wedding guests on the dance floor calls for faster shutter speeds in the camera, and that means even less light for the camera to process. 

The wedding photographer is faced with a couple of major challenges:

  1. How to obtain nice even light spread across the dance floor
  2. How to focus the camera in the dark (cameras cannot focus quickly enough in the dark)

To address the first problem, I use several strobes positioned around the dance floor on tripods with wireless controllers. On the camera, I have a wireless controller which talks to each off the three strobes postponed around the dance floor. The wireless controller allows me to adjust the power (brightness) of each light strobe. Each strobe is labeled with the letters A, B, or C, which correspond to the settings on the remote control. By using this method and technology, I produce the types of images that you see above. This technique also works well in tented weddings.

I have learned, the hard way, to use less expensive strobes in this situation because occasionally, under the influence of too much party juice, that a tripod can be knocked over – I do use sandbags to actor them, but they cannot combat a 200lb man, as he falls over.

To address the second problem of focusing in the dark, I use a small LED video light mounted to my camera. It is a focusing light. It projects light on my subject, my camera focuses very quickly, and then I can press the shutter which activates the three remote strobes.

Together, this technique and supporting technology allows the fun of a wedding reception to be fully documented.

Wedding proofs will be available within 7 days after the wedding.

This is a typical wedding proof gallery.

For package weddings, there is no limit on the amount of time that George will be available. From the brides make-up being applied to capturing the partying at the reception, there will be a camera to memorialize even element of your day.

View Mike and Joannes Rustic Backyard Wedding, from early morning to late at night.

beautiful photo of bride leading against a wall with lots of romantic blur Nothing, for the premium and deluxe wedding packages…you have me for the day!

second shooter

For the majority of my weddings I shoot single-handed (with an assistant) but for some a second shooter is required:

  1. Pre-wedding photos:  if the bridal party and the groomsmen are preparing themselves in two different locations
  2. If the wedding ceremony is short, one photographer can shoot the bride and groom from the front and the second can be tasked with shots from the rear and candids of the guests during the ceremony.
  3. If detail photos are required of the tables settings, table cards, flowers etc. after the ceremony when I take the bride and groom away for their formal portraits the second shooter can take all of the detail photos.
  4. During the important parts of the reception, dances, speeches and cake-cutting, the second shooter can focus on the guests.

One of the most important aspects of a wedding for me, with or without a wedding planner is the creation of a wedding shoot plan. The shoot plan is the wedding day playbook detailing the who, where, and when. It just makes sense!

I meet my couples at the wedding venue, several weeks before at the time of the ceremony because this permits me to assess the impact of sunlight or lack of the sun on the wedding images. It also allows me to plan, what lens to use, what type of secondary lighting do I need, if any. If there is foul weather, how will I light the indoor ceremony?

In addition to my concern about light and weather, we have to address the question of wedding day logistics:

  • Do we have enough time to get from one location to another?
  • Do we have enough time to take all of the desired photographs and be back for the entrance?

In the shoot plan, I list

  • bride and grooms cell numbers
  • address for each location
  • the timing for each phase of the wedding
  • notes to highlight requested shots

george hanging out with the groom and best man at a wedding at hotel viking in newport rhode island Professionally.

I will be dressed like one of your guests, formally with a button down shirt and neck-tie (and jacket, if the weather permits).

Yes, I have a section of wedding galleries on this web page, depicting a variety of different wedding types.

However, if you would like to see a complete wedding album, this is typical of what you can expect:

I can show you others, upon request.

smiling bride with gtatto’s on her back

In addition to the obvious, capturing beautiful images, I love the logistical and management side of photographing a wedding. I put a lot of effort into planning (see the ‘Shoot Plan FAQ’) to make sure that I can deliver exactly want each bride and groom want on their special day.

I plan out each segment of the day, understanding what equipment I will need for each shot, understanding how the light will behave during each phase of the wedding, and taking the time to understand what type of images that I am expected to create. I also make every effort to plan for the unexpected.

When it all comes together, it is a pretty awesome feeling.

Additionally, being around so much happiness is pretty cool and makes me one lucky camper!

My Deluxe Wedding Photography Package included a photographer and an assistant costs $2,850

The Premium Wedding Photography Package which includes and engagement session and a second-shooter on the wedding costs an additional $600

Absolutely, it is your very special day!

Before the wedding, we will create a shoot plan (see the ‘Shoot Plan FAQ)  to ensure that we list all of your special photo requirements.

All photos will be delivered digital on a presentation DVD (or made available via DropBox, if preferred).

Also, your photos will be available online, see:

Additionally, the standard wedding packages include some printed products.

Wedding albums can be created by request (additional fees will apply).


Available upon request.

All of my equipment is professional grade.

My main camera body is Canon’s EOS 1DX, and I have two Canon EOS 1D  MkIV’s on hand as back-ups and for different lens combinations.

For lenses, I only use Canon’s professional ‘L’ series.

I primary shoot weddings in a photojournalistic style where I use long lenses and capture beautiful wedding moments. That said, a wedding calls for more than one style of photography from beautiful bridal portraiture to formal group shots to low light action at the wedding reception…but the theme throughout the wedding is photojournalism

Check out samples wedding photojournalism here.

The Deluxe package includes an assistant and the Premium package includes a second shooter.

Yes, all images shown in the proof gallery will be corrected for color and exposure.

Furthermore, I will individually edit the bridal portraits,  and will perform black and white conversions an all images where I feel it would improve them.

Yes, it involves much planning but typically I will either hide in plain sight or will hide in the vegetation to capture the precious seconds when the proposal is made.

Yes, I will always have two camera bodies and lenses with me at all times, and I will have a 3rd camera body (just in case) in my camera bag.

Furthermore, the wedding contract will contain details about the back up equipment, see below:

Wedding contact - back up equipment

First of all,  I am very professional in conduct but I am upbeat and fun.  My role is to take the pressure of the bride and groom and make it a fun day for them and all the guests and so I must lead by example…with a huge smile!

But don’t ask me, check out my reviews.

Proposal Photography FAQs

Once we have everything planned out, I have found it best to communicate via text.

If you wish, we can use codewords to ensure you partner does not know what is about to happen, it’s fun to play spy.

An engaged couple hugging at sunset

Engagement Photographer | Proposal Photographer

This will depend on the location and what your needs are.

I have hidden in the grasses on a beach when there was no place else to hide, for this proposal I had to arrive early and wait for the couple. I have also hidden in plain sight pretending to be a tourist and sprung into action at the correct moment.

So, what ever you need, I will make it happen.

man asking his fiancé to marry him

Engagement Photographer | Proposal Photographer

Yes, I will also communicate with you via text ( if possible) to let you know my progress and when I am in position.

In Rhode Island, the proposal photography package varies a little due to location: $225 forKent County, Washington County & Jamestown; and $249 for Newport County (excluding Jamestown), Providence County & Bristol County.

Check the surprise proposal gallery and proposal photo package

Engagement Photography FAQs

Shoot Fee is $395, details below:

  • Up to 2 hour photo shoot at location of choice*
  • Online proof gallery where you can pick the best 8 images for retouch (if needed)
  • 10 x 8 prints ( 4 images of your choice)
  • Basic photo retouch, as needed
  • 12 to 20 (edited if needed) High resolution digital images
  • 12 to 20 Web/Social Media versions of each image.
  • 20% Non-refundable deposit required at time of booking
  • * Kent County, Washington County & Jamestown; and $435 for Newport County (excluding Jamestown), Providence County & Bristol County

Portrait Photography FAQs

Low key photography

A technique that works well for  boudoir photos, and moody portraits is low-key photography; a low key image is one that contains predominantly dark tones and colors; it is the playground of shadows. This style of photography captures and can create drama and a bit of mystery.

View Morgen’s low-key boudoir shoot.

High key photography is a style of photography that uses very bright lighting to reduce or completely blow out dark shadows in the image. High key shots usually lack dark tones and shadows. This style is considered positive and upbeat.

High key lighting is used a lot for portrait photography as well as product photography.

For a simple headshot for use for business, social media, dating sites or just for fun is $75, by appointment only.

  • 20 minute photoshoot in the studio
  • Headshot images can be shot with grey or black background (I use gels to provide a professional edge to the lighting); or a background of your choice (there will be an additional charge for a non-standard background)
  • An online proof gallery where you can pick the best image.
  • Basic photo retouch, as needed
  • 1 High-resolution digital image
  • 1 Web/Social Media versions of each image.
  • 20% deposit required at time of booking

All of the above!

I have a studio located in Richmond, Rhode Island but I will work wherever my clients wish to have the photos taken.

Boudoir Photography

General FAQs

Without doubt it is Canon’s EF 85mm f/1.2

A beautiful portraiture lens and one which is at home in very low light.

After a shoot all photos are imported into Adobe Lightroom and are renamed per the shoot. I have multiple Lightroom catalogs for different categories of shoots.


  • For basic work, I use Adobe Lightroom because it is very easy to make changes in bulk.
  • For individual images beyond what I will do in Lightroom, I use Luminar which is set up as a Lightroom Plug-in
  • For detailed photo editing/manipulation, I use Adobe Photoshop
  • For black and white conversions, I use Silver-FX Pro.

With  many hundreds of thousands of images taken, this is a very difficult question, but this image of Morgen pops, the mood of the image – the shadows and the color and the fact that I used a single strobe. In fact, the entire shoot was based around using one light.

Boudoir Photography

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