Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) !

Wedding Photography FAQs

Yes, a copy of my insurance certificate is available upon request.

Within Rhode Island and nearby Connecticut and Massachusetts, the price of a wedding package begins at $2,850 for the standard DeLuxe package and includes:

  • One photographer and assistant
  • Deposit only 10%
  • Time: available from wedding prep. to reception
  • Proof photos available for online review in 7 days
  • Online Review Gallery and Guest Ordering (see sample)
  • Shot List Development: visit wedding facilities with the couple and create a shoot plan. (see sample)
  • Photos on a presentation disc with printing rights
  • Highlight memory slideshow (see sample)
  • Basic Photo Editing
  • Print credits $125. View products and pricing
  • Engagement session not included

George recognizes that sometimes ‘life gets in the way’ and as a result requests a  low 10% non-refundable deposit for the DeLuxe Wedding photography package.

Wedding photography packages that include proposal and engagement photography will have a slight higher deposit rate.

When the lights go down and the dancing starts, there is not enough shoot photographs of the wedding guests celebrating the wedding with dance  – movement is almost impossible to freeze without light. The movement of the wedding guests on the dance floor calls for faster shutter speeds in the camera, and that means even less light for the camera to process. 

The wedding photographer is faced with a couple of major challenges:

  1. How to obtain nice even light spread across the dance floor
  2. How to focus the camera in the dark (cameras cannot focus quickly enough in the dark)

To address the first problem, I use several strobes positioned around the dance floor on tripods with wireless controllers. On the camera, I have a wireless controller which talks to each off the three strobes postponed around the dance floor. The wireless controller allows me to adjust the power (brightness) of each light strobe. Each strobe is labeled with the letters A, B, or C, which correspond to the settings on the remote control. By using this method and technology, I produce the types of images that you see above. This technique also works well in tented weddings.

I have learned, the hard way, to use less expensive strobes in this situation because occasionally, under the influence of too much party juice, that a tripod can be knocked over – I do use sandbags to actor them, but they cannot combat a 200lb man, as he falls over.

To address the second problem of focusing in the dark, I use a small LED video light mounted to my camera. It is a focusing light. It projects light on my subject, my camera focuses very quickly, and then I can press the shutter which activates the three remote strobes.

Together, this technique and supporting technology allows the fun of a wedding reception to be fully documented.

Wedding proofs will be available within 7 days after the wedding.

This is a typical wedding proof gallery.

For package weddings, there is no limit on the amount of time that George will be available. From the brides make-up being applied to capturing the partying at the reception, there will be a camera to memorialize even element of your day.

View Mike and Joannes Rustic Backyard Wedding, from early morning to late at night.