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Thanks for Popping Over From Google


ri headshot of a bald african american man Do you need a headshot for your social media platform profile; or do you need a more professional headshot for LinkedIn; or do you need a good representation of your personality for your online dating profile; or do you need a professional headshot for your company website or for ‘PR’ use, whatever your needs George Ross is the headshot photographer for you.

Shooting a headshot is a pretty painless and inexpensive process. The ‘basic professional headshot’ costs $125, and you choose one of two different photo backgrounds (marble blue or marble brown.) You keep all the photos from the shoot, and I will finish-edit your chosen headshot.

I also offer other backdrops and lighting styles; pricing will vary depending on the complexity; just let me know what you need, and we will make it happen. I have provided a selection of different types of backdrops and lighting styles in this headshot gallery.

For most of us, being photographed feels awkward, and being asked to pose even more so. I fully recognize this and will spend our initial time together breaking down these barriers and getting you into a relaxed mode. I use a posing station for your comfort which comprises an adjustable stool and table.

Furthermore, I offer immediate photo review. My camera is tethered to a computer beside the posing station; you will see each photo as they are taken.

The more comfortable that you are, the better your headshot will be. It typically takes 5 or 10 minutes, and after that, we will be off to the races. If you read some of my Google reviews, you will see that my personality is such that I can coax the best out of everyone.

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