2020 was a terrible time for the global population with the Covid-19 virus creating an international pandemic. For high school seniors in the USA, it meant:

  • online education for their final semester
  • cancellation of the senior night at school sports
  • cancellation of the senior prom
  • cancellation of the traditional senior graduation ceremony

At Jack’s school – Chariho Regional High School – the graduation ceremony was converted to a low-key event where the graduate’s family ( maximum of 6 people) could drive up to the school to collect their cap and gown. They would have a few minutes to be photographed. Then they had to jump into their car and leave before the next senior arrived.

The seniors were arriving every 15 minutes throughout the day… for five straight days. Kudos to the administrators and teachers who took this task on.

After the high school virtual graduation, we got together for a socially distanced graduation family photoshoot

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