With the increase in my wedding photography work, I felt I had a gap in my  lens arsenal. I currently use…

Zoom Lenses

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Prime Lenses

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*the 50mm and 10mm are not L series lenses but all other are.

I only use one non-Canon lens and that is the  Sigma 10-20mm f/4-5.6 EX DC HSM Lens a lens that I owned long before I invested in the Canon lenses and one which I still love using.

Even with this compliment of lenses I felt I had a significant gap and that was

A wicked good portrait lens with an incredible bokeh.

The lens arrived on Tuesday and today I had one hour to kill so I took the 85mm for a test drive.  I walked down Main Street in Wickford, Rhode Island and a very hot day with blazing sunshine.  I only had an hour but it gave me enough time to take these test shots.

I found the lens’ time-to-focus to be a little slow but in all fairness I am comparing that to the performance of the EF 300mm which is incredibly fast. The 85mm has a lot of glass to move in a very small body. That said, I can’t see myself using it in a sporting environment.

The image quality is astounding and I need to back of my tendency to open my lenses up because at below f/2 I found it very difficult to calculate the DoF in my image composition but that will just take experience using the lens.

Looking forward to using the lens in the purpose for which it exists…portraits.