doug learned sachuest pointThe weather in Rhode Island, this Christmas eve, is unseasonably warm and it had been very, very, rainy the night prior. With that said, there had been recent reports of Snowy Owl sightings in the Sachuest Point wildlife refuge.

Snowy owls nest in the Arctic tundra of the northernmost stretches of Alaska, Canada, and Eurasia. They winter south through Canada and northern Eurasia, with irruptions occurring further south in some years. Snowy owls are attracted to open areas like coastal dunes and prairies that appear somewhat similar to tundra.

So, my friend, Doug Learned (A great photographer) and I,  set off in search Joe. (We were informed by a member of the public works department that some locals had given the name Joe to the owl)

I rigged up my EOS 1D MkIV with an EF 300mm f/2.8 lens and an 1.4x extender….I was ready for Joe.

As we arrived at  the approach road we came across  a public works sign that read “Road Closed Due To Flooding” and like the intrepid photogs that we are we drove around the sign because we were on a mission, only to come to a halt three hundreds yards later because the road was closed due to flooding.

Some photo safaris are just meant not to be…but you have to try! untitled-0217

So, for now, my portfolio will remain devoid of the beautiful Snowy Owl.

We’ll see you later Joe, Merry Christmas.