It is almost impossible to take a photography inside a wooded are and be able to expose for the shadows and for the sky. However, there is a photography technique called HDR Photography (High Dynamic Range) which can solve this dilemma.  HDR combines multiple exposures to create a finished composite images. When I was asked, by a landscape architect, to record his work it because clear very quickly that this was not going to be easy because it was a wooded area.

I opted for HDR and decided on three exposures

  • Exposure 1 would be exactly as metered
  • Exposure 2 would be underexposed by 1stop to correctly expose for the sky and bright detail
  • Exposure 3 would be overexposed by 1 stop to expose some of the detail in the shadows

When you area shooting you cannot see the finished  images as they are complied during post-processing so one has to rely on experience and imagination.