A portrait of Rhode Island Attorny Anthony Conte at the State House

Portrait Photo Session With Attorney Anthony Conte”

Portrait Photo Session With Attorney Anthony Conte

Portrait Photo Session With Attorney Anthony Conte

Rhode Island Attorney Gets Professional Portraits at the State House

May 8, 2023

Rhode Island attorney Anthony Conte recently had his portrait taken at the State House by George Ross Photography. The goal of the photo session was to create images that could be used on Conte’s business website and other marketing materials.

Ross, a professional photographer with over 20 years of experience, chose the State House as the location for the photo session because of its iconic architecture and historical significance. The State House is a popular spot for photographers, and it offers a variety of settings that can be used to create stunning portraits.

For Conte’s photo session, Ross used a variety of locations to create the desired images. He also took care to choose poses that would highlight Conte’s professionalism and confidence. The result is a set of portraits that are both stylish and professional.

Conte was pleased with the results of the photo session. He said that the images were “exactly what I was looking for.” He plans to use the portraits on his website and other marketing materials to help promote his law practice.

If you are a business owner in Rhode Island and you are looking for professional portraits, I recommend contacting George Ross Photography. Ross is a talented photographer who can create images that will help you make a positive impression on your clients.

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