Rhode Island Product Photography

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One on the cool aspects about being a product photographer is the diversity of products and technologies that I shoot. In this photograph my client, Cooliance, required a simple photo depicting the application of their product which is an LED cooler. Cooliance’s product is a large heat sink which permits the LED Array (manufactured, in this case, by Bridgelux) to operate within its desired temperature limits. These LED arrays can dissipate between 20 and 500 watts and Cooliance has a range of products to cool them and keep them operations.

The image can be see on Cooliance’s website.


The product was shot on a translucent still left table, illuminated from the top with 1500W of continuous lights in Octagonal softboxes and illuminated from underneath, through the translucent table, with two 300W strobes.

Camera Equipment:

EOS 1D MkIV with an L series 24mm to 70mm lens