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Normally, when I shoot products I do it in the comfort of my studio where I have total control over the lighting environment. Occasionally, I shoot on-location, typically, when a product is to bulky to be shot in the studio. In this case, it was a large piece of exercise equipment which simply could not be moved…so the mountain went to it! I took my studio lights and merrily of I went!. The biggest challenge was the location of the equipment in the gym…my solution was to isolate the equipment with white photo background paper to create the contrast needed to clip the product and use it on the desired marketing collateral. Job done! Here you can see the before and after….it’s never easy!

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George Ross

A full-service photographer, George Ross specializes in wedding photography, product photography, website photography, sports and portrait photography. Located in Richmond, Rhode Island, George travels and shoots wherever his clients need him. Call 401.284.6106

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