Website Product Photography

Often times,  my clients need to have a large batch of  products photographed for their web sites (which I design in most cases ) and they have budget constraints, of course!  When this is the case, I shoot the products on a product table with a translucent base. I light the product from above with continuous lighting, as I would conventionally, but then I place a strobe underneath the table.  By using the lower strobe, I can create a white product background by shooting light through the table removing the  need to do it in post-processing.

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The example above was quite a challenge, shooting a complex black product on a white background. As you can see the background is white but not pure white. It is impossible to shoot a pure white background and correctly expose the product. That said, once shot it is very easy to create a pure white background  and this then  makes it very easy to clip and create a composite image.

Rhode Island Product Photography


Rhode Island Website Photography by George Ross Photography.