What to Expect.

A headshot means different things to different people; it can be as simple as a nicely lit photo for business, LinkedIn, social media, or online dating. Or, it can be a bit more complicated with sophisticated lighting and unique backdrops. Often, my clients want a fantastic image for the former, so it is all about the requirements of the individual.

In my studio, I cater to each.

There are two background options for the lower cost session –  marble blue or brown per the examples below.

For many, being in front of the camera can be awkward and intimidating. My goal as the photographer is to get the best possible image out of the session, and so it is my responsibility to get the client comfortable and responsive.

posing stool I always tell my clients that we may not get a good image out of the first 10 minutes because they have to get comfortable with me and become relaxed in front of the camera. As soon as my client relaxes, we are off to the races having fun along the way.

For the simple headshot: I use a posing table and a posing stool; this permits the client to use the stool to rotate their bodies into a comfortable position because being comfortable is key! Once in a comfortable position on the stool, the client can adjust the height of the table, and, once set, they can use the table to lean on, if needed, to finalize that comfortable posing position.

headshot photographer When seated, they will face a couple of strobe lights in softboxes. If the client wears eyeglasses, I will position the lights high to remove light glare from their lenses. I may take a few shots and adjust the light to remove all glare. Otherwise, the lights will be at head height. The use of two strobes is perfect for a brightly lit professional headshot.

When seated for the headshot, I will place a large iPad beside them to review their photos in real-time. I use an Air Direct device, which transmits the photos from my camera to the iPad. This review process allows the client and I to review each image and adjust for the next shot to get the best possible headshot.

Often you will be treated to the sounds of Frank Sinatra to create a pleasant mood for the session. If the client has a musical preference, I will set that up for the shoot.

When the shoot is over, I will send the client a password-protected web gallery for their review. While the client can keep all images from the shoot, I ask that they pick their favorite, and I will edit that shot for the intended use.

Once the balance has been paid for the shoot, I add a download button.
The client to download one or all images.

rhode island headshot
headshot of a bald man in a pink shirt

If you would like to learn more about professional headshot, pop-over to the headshot web page for details on pricing and sitting for your headshot!

TOP TIP. After photographing many, many, headshots… Relax and ‘trust’ your headshot photographer, with trust comes great headshots!