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Sure, here is a post about Providence Roller Derby playing at the outside Providence Ice Rink in the summer:

Providence Roller Derby Takes to the Outdoor Rink in the Summer

The Providence Roller Derby (PRD) team is known for their fast-paced, hard-hitting games. But did you know that they also play at the outdoor Providence Ice Rink in the summer?

That’s right, PRD takes to the outdoor rink for a few weeks each summer to give fans a chance to see them play in a different environment. The outdoor rink is a smaller space than the team’s regular home rink, so the games are even more exciting and intense.

In addition to the smaller space, the outdoor rink also has a different atmosphere than the indoor rink. The games are played under the stars, and the fans are closer to the action. This creates a more intimate and exciting experience for everyone involved.

If you’re a fan of roller derby or just looking for a fun and exciting summer activity, be sure to check out a PRD game at the outdoor Providence Ice Rink. You won’t be disappointed.

ere are some of the benefits of watching Providence Roller Derby at the outdoor Providence Ice Rink:

  • The games are more intimate and exciting.
  • You can get closer to the action.
  • You can enjoy the games under the stars.
  • It’s a great way to cool off on a hot summer day.

If you’re planning to attend a game, be sure to check the PRD website for the schedule. So what are you waiting for? Come out and see Providence Roller Derby at the outdoor Providence Ice Rink this summer!