Rhode Island Business headshots

Rhode Island Business Headshots

A Professional Presentation

The online world has flourished, and many businesses have followed suit. Your website, social media, and online platforms allow your clients to “virtually” meet you and make decisions based on that impression. Now more than ever, your business headshot must be impressive and appropriate. Your headshot allows you to brand yourself and your business all over the internet.

If you have an old headshot or do not have one at all, it is time to call George Ross Photography. George Ross is more than a photographer; he is a marketing strategist who knows how to brand a business. Not all headshots are created equal; George will give you a headshot that sets you apart. With expertise and experience, he will create a headshot to attract your ideal clients and appropriately brand your business.

George offers a relaxed and professional environment so that each client can express themselves. Experienced in working with a diverse group of clients, George can coach each person to achieve the desired shot. It does not always feel natural to be the subject; that is why you want to choose a photographer who will make you feel comfortable. Through body language, facial expression, backdrop, and dress, you can make a powerful statement. George will guide you towards the perfect headshot, the one that will set you and your business apart.

Request a Shoot

Rhode Island business headshots sessions can take place in George’s studio, on-site, or at a location that reflects your desired outcome. What is most important is that the photo leaves your potential customers with the impression that they already know you. It puts a face to the business and builds trust before entering into a working relationship. You can count on George to put you and your business in the best light, literally. Contact George Ross Photography today and take your business headshots to the next level. Pricing is variable depending on location and the number of staff involved but can workout as low as $50 per head.

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