Marketing and PR photography

Marketing, PR and Website Photography

Marketing, Website and PR Photography

Many of the fun projects that I undertake fall into the ‘Marketing, PR, and Website’ category where a business or organization requires a set of images for marketing purposes: marketing collateral, website design, and public relations. As you can see from the collection of images below this category is a broad church.  

  • All websites require a set of images but not every business wishes to use ‘stock photography.’ To differentiate themselves, I am contracted to shoot their employees in their work environment. This approach creates authenticity in businesses marketing collateral. 
  • Business dedications
  • Marketing images for sporting events, from road races to sporting tournaments to special events.
  • PR photography
  • Media assignments – covering events for media outlets

This type of photography is project-based work, let me know what you need by filling in the form at the bottom of this page, and I will provide you a with a proposal.

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