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Enjoy this selection of a variety of performance art and live events by Rhode Island Event Photographer George Ross. Enjoy the show!

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comedian mikey performing at aurora bar in providence
cox sports awards show, speaker
cox sports awards show
DJ Paulie D performing in providence
radio presenter at a sports event
race announcer encouraging runners
cox sports awards show, national anthem singer
matt allen at the 2011 tea party rally at the providence, rhode island, state house
vintage style female singer in polka dot dress
tea part protester at the rhode island statehouse, providence
comedian talking to her audience
close up of a drummer with a painted face
will blackmon at the rowley blackmon football combine
a performer looking at her audience looking back to her
vintage style performer
close up of female singer with microphone
performer under a blue spotlight
crazy famy dress zombie make up
a male dancer at night
a male dancer at night
a male dancer at night
a male dancer at night


Event work is project-based with no set pricing schedule as each product shoot has unique requirements.

Check out the latest Event Photoshoots in the blog.

  • Zombie Night 13, Providence, Rhode Island

Zombie Night 13: The Final Chapter.

Zombie night began 13 years ago when rather than have a party at someone's house, fifty people went on a pub crawl in downtown Providence, Rhode Island, dressed as Zombies. The following year, 'the [...]

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