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Headshot Photographer: For Social Media, Dating, Business or Fun!

Sit, Smile and Done!

Do you need a headshot for your social media platform profile; or do you need a more professional presentation on LinkedIn; or do you need a good representation of your personality for your online dating profile; or do you need a professional headshot for your company website or for PR use, whatever your needs are headshot photographer George Ross is the photographer for you.

Shooting a headshot is a pretty painless process, for $75 you will visit my studio in Richmond, Rhode Island, we will shoot your images, I will edit it as needed, and if you don’t like what we do, there will be no fee!

I will use a two-light set-up for bright and professional images,

For a standard headshot, I use either a black or neutral gray background
Some of the photos in the gallery below have color washed over the black and grey backdrops; this is accomplished by using as 3rd light with a colored gel; if you would like that approach, just let me know when you book the appointment and I will have it set up for your arrival.

Other backdrops can be used but at an additional charge, just let me know what you need, and we will make it happen.

Headshot Photographer: For Social Media, Dating, Business or Fun!

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Headshot Pricing

Session Base Price *$75 (By Appointment Only)