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Rhode Island Product Photographer, Producing Images That Sell

rhode island product photography

Rhode Island Product Photography

Creating Images That Sell!

Rhode Island Product Photographer: George Ross is not only a photographer, but he is also a digital marketing strategist. George understands that your business should be represented in its best light, literally. Product photography requires versatility, creativity, and the ability to make objects stand out. Your business relies on capturing your audience and impressing them with what you have to offer.

   Professional product photography will enhance your marketing products, your website, your social media, and your overall digital presence. George is well versed in E-commerce and magazine photography. No matter the project, the end goal is always the same, create images that sell, and that leaves a lasting impression on your potential customer. George has diverse experience working with a wide range of products. His technical prowess allows him to take a seemingly simple product and make it into a spectacular image: something your potential customers will want. 

   George’s process includes using a sizeable translucent shoot-through still life table; for small to medium-size products, high-quality product imagery can be created relatively quickly without the need for significant post-processing work. With proper lighting techniques, George will produce images with white backgrounds. These professional images can be used as-is or can be quickly processed to have either a transparent or pure white background. Small products can also be shot on this table or in a product tent. Large objects can be photographed on location.

All products will be staged as required.

  Have a look at the product photography portfolio to see George’s work and diverse subject matter. First impressions matter, George Ross knows this. You can count on George to create images of your product that will take your business to the next level. Contact George Ross Photography today! George is ready to give you business the edge it deserves, images that sell products.  

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Product photography work is project-based with no set pricing schedule as each product shoot has unique requirements.

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