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Beautiful Creative, Stylish and Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It is a day you dream about, and a day you will remember forever. Wedding photos are more than keepsakes; they will tell your story for many years to come. Hiring an experienced wedding photographer allows you to savor each moment of your big day,  knowing that it will be preserved with beautiful images.

The story of your wedding day will forever be with you.

What sets George apart is his commitment to the couple and the wedding day, he takes the time to meet with each couple at the wedding venue to learn about their story and to create a dedicated shoot plan.This plan ensures that all the shots that you want will be captured in the available time during each phase of the wedding day. Click here to see a sample shoot plan.

Additionally, George will be with you the entire wedding day; there is no limit on his time. He offers a variety of styles, from romantic to vintage and creative to photojournalistic, you are bound to find a style that will reflect you and your special day.

Using only the best professional equipment, you can rest assured that with George’s experience and creativity, your wedding day will be memorialized, in your vision, forever!

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Examples of George’s Photography Styles


Beautiful close up photo of a bride photographed with a lot of blur

I shoot using very narrow depth-of-field to create beautiful/dreamy images with massive amounts of blur.