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Welcome to the Rhode Island wedding photography galleries! This gallery shows the breadth and depth of George’s photography experience and skills. As you can see, one of George’s talents is his ability to adapt to weather, location, season, and any other twist or turn that may be thrown his way. In the following photos, the result is the same, stunning photos that capture the heart of the day.   A beautiful image is not only a result of the location, but it is also the result of a creative and capable photographer.  Southern New England offers views, wooded areas, cityscapes,  historic sites, and oceanside scenes that are beyond compare. George’s wedding gallery highlights some iconic locations such as Hotel Viking, Mystic, Alton Jones, Narragansett, South County, and more!  These photos also represent backyard weddings, one of which weathered a severe tropical storm!   Most notable is that each photo captures the beauty of the day.

Whether you are having a backyard wedding or headed to the vibrant city, George will use the setting to create unique images that encapsulate the feel and story behind your special day.

Your vision for your wedding guides the process.  From whimsical and romantic to modern and edgy, George is your guy.  His passion for photography stems from his love of diversity, coupled with his ability to find beauty all around.

George meets with each couple to discuss their style and wishes for the photos.  George will even create a shoot plan that will ensure all the desired pictures are taken.  A shoot plan also minimizes the work for the bride and groom as George will have it all under control.

Enjoy this selection of wedding photos, and start planning for yours.  Contact George Ross Photography and rest assured that your wedding will be preserved just as you wish.

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