This shot was inspired by an image that I had seen on Facebook and I decided to try and replicate it. The core of the image and the greatest challenge would be be to have the dogs stare through the center of the lens in a relaxed fashion and not look like he was being teased by a treat.  For the shot I needed a female dog owner with long hair and a dog that was up  for the challenge. I was very keen to try this shot and knowing that my own dogs would not play along I put out a request on Facebook and the response was strong. I will probably shoot a few more but first up was Jodi and Morgan. Morgan is a high -energy, playful Labrador/Rottweiler mix.


The desired shot was per this image but 98% of the time Morgan had his tongue out so we had to be very patient. Jodi was a trooper constantly posing for shots we could not use until we got the money shot.


I could not use toys to catch Morgan’s attention because he just wanted to play so I used a ‘Rabbit Call’ which simulates the sound of an injured Rabbit and that did the trick. I plan on shooting a few more like this over the next month….but I believe that we have set the bar pretty high with this shot.


rhode island dog portrait