Rhode Island Portrait PhotographyIn addition to being the Providence Roller Derby’s  Team Photographer  which involves documenting the league action and taking the travel-team head shots. I get involved with some of the teams to shoot their themed head shots for the home league. In addition to being competitive during the team bouts, the team photo-shoots can also bee competitive. The week I took photos for The Mob Squad ( A Providence Roller Derby home league team). And the theme was Gatsby-esque. The plan was to shoot using loop (‘ish)  style lighting but to make each image as different as possible and in post-processing add an art-deco background. It was a fun night and the ladies dressed up for the part.

At this point I will release one image and I will wait until the team releases the images before I show off my work.

This is ‘Goldie Glocks’ (Emily Greagori).

It was a pretty simple set-up with  a single strip light soft box set at an angle of about 45 degrees and 5′  to Goldie,   There has been a small amount of post-process work to soften the skin.