I’d like to say that I planned the image on the right but I did not, sometimes poses develop during a shoot based on a combination of what I see and what the model introduces to the process. For this shot, I wanted to create the image on the right and job done, perfect! Implied nudity without a face.

I used a beauty dish with a 30-degree grid which was mounted on a boom and suspended directly above Morgen’s face. Morgen was asked to drop her head back and look directly into the beauty dish.

After I can my planned capture ( which was destined to be monochome) I could see that if I stood on the first step of the step-ladder and if Morgen could bring her head up just a tad we could radically change the shot…for the better…introducing the color of her hair, eyes, and teeth.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do and Morgen does!

boudoir, implied nudity, photography
boudoir, implied nudity, photography
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