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Surprise Proposal Photographer – Capture the Surprise!

Request a Shoot with Surprise Proposal Photographer, George Ross

Proposal Photographer: RI Surprise Proposal Photographer George Ross is also available to catch the question as it happens! With all the excitement, it is hard to be in the moment. If you are planning a marriage request, he will be on the ready, hiding in plain sight, to secretly photograph the proposal. You can find George disguised as a tourist or hiding in the bushes to catch the moment. Whatever you need, he will make it happen. You will be able to hold onto this moment forever with George’s proposal photography,  and share the story of your surprise proposal for years to come. As a bonus, after the proposal there will be a mini-engagement photoshoot.

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Engagement Photographer:“I do,” two words that will change the course of your future. Getting engaged is an exciting time to look forward to your wedding and your future. Couples decide to leave their separate lives and join together on the journey. An engagement shoot is meant to capture this, to reflect the individuals, the couple, and their personal story. George will get to know each couple and will help each client create a shoot that portrays who they are. Creativity and diversity are present in all of George’s shoots, so feel free to set your imagination free! This is a time to enjoy your commitment to each other and to preserve it forever.

George Ross Photography offers engagement shoots on their own or included in the Premium Wedding, or custom photography packages. George’s diverse portfolio and expertise are bound to meet the needs of your proposal or engagement shoot. Also, George’s technical expertise allows him to work in any location, any weather, and any lighting. As we all know, plans can change, the weather can creep up, George will be ready for whatever comes his way. Be in the moment, knowing that you will be able to look back at this day over and over again. Contact proposal photographerGeorge today and begin planning your engagement or proposal shoot!

This article provides an overview of the camera equipment that I use to photograph surprise proposal.

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