Pocket Wizards have long been the staple of the wedding photographer they along the photographer to control strobes remotely. In this image my second shooter is point a the strobe and a light modifier (Umbrella) at the bride and groom. I prefer the umbrella for this type of shoot because of the the soft light generated. This is  made much easier by having a second shooter to direct the light source because umbrellas are cumbersome when you have to be mobile.
remote strobes for wedding reception

While I still use traditional Pocket Wizards to control my studio lights which are probably now considered ‘old school’ , I now use the

…combination. The great advantage on the new radio controllers is the introduction of the AC3 Controller which allows the photographer to adjust the power output of the strobe from the camera. No need to rush over to the second shooter and manually adjust the strobe anymore and that is pretty cool and makes for a much nicer experience for the bride and groom.

RI wedding photography by George Ross Photography.