The upside about  the nasty weather for the runners at this year’s Boston Marathon was the great shooting conditions for photographers.

The grey overhead conditions…

  • make colors pop
  • creates reflections of the wet ground
  • adds texture to the negative space in the images
  • allows the photographer to shoot in manual because there are no changing light conditions (It is always better to shoot in manual because the less thinking your camera has to do the greater the consistency in your images. Even the best camera will struggle with auto-exposure settings when jumping from a white singlet to a black singlet very quickly.

…but there is one problem…the heavy rain.

I am a fan of rain jackets and they work well with the way that I shoot. They are restrictive but all rain jackets are.  As you can see from this photo taken by I  put on my gloves (it was 42 degress and windy), pulled the hood over my head and went to work never once having to think about the protection for my Canon EOS 1D Mk IV and EF 300mm /f2.8…  a very expensive combo!

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2015 Boston Marathon Rain