Providence Roller Derby

Interested in becoming a Skater, Referee, NSO or Volunteer?! Then please join us for our first recruitment meet and greet for the 2016 season!!
This is a no commitment get together in a casual setting where we welcome any questions, concerns or inquiries about being a part of Providence Roller Derby!

When: Wednesday October 7 at 7 pm
Where: 100 Fountain St. Providence, RI 02903
Cost: No Cost to talk! Just whatever you order to eat or drink :)

Here is a little bit about each “department”
Skater Responsibilities:
Attending a once a week recruitment class and passing assessments.
Being able to commit to 2 -3 practices a week to improve your skills. There is also a mandatory attendance to meet in order to play in bouts.
Paying monthly dues and holding a job within the league to help keep it running.
Attending monthly league meetings and Volunteering at bouts.
Being responsible for the upkeep of your gear and team uniforms as well as the health of your own body.
We are athletes and it is important we treat ourselves as such!

Referees Responsiblies:
Learning all the rules of roller derby and passing an exam
Learning skating skills to keep up with skaters as they move around the track (safety first)
Upkeep of you own gear and uniforms
Attending as many scrimmages and practices as possible to help improve all of the skills needed!
Available on bout days.

NSO (non-skating official) Responsibilities:
Learning the rules of derby but no test needed.
Recognizing referee hand sigmals.
Helping out at scrimmages and being available on bout days

Volunteer Responsibilities:
Being available to help at bouts when needed!
Enjoy the show (while doing your job) for free!

These are just some basics. We would love to talk to you more at Murphy’s. See you there!!!