My crew and I have have photographed Rugged Maniac and Bold’rDash obstacle/ mud races. One of the tricks that I learned very earl;y on was that in order to shoot the best images and to shoot the most images that I had to get dirty. The problem with using a long lens and staying clean is that as the first racer climbs out of the mud pit they will stand up and block the racer directly behind them. So, to get around that I would sit in the mud put with a short lens. In this way I can maximize the number of shots ( to maximize my revenue ) and am able to shoot some pretty cool images. the downside on this approach is that you get caked in mud and become one of the race obstacles.

My gear is protected with Aquatech Gore-Tex covers…which end up in the washing machine but my gear is mostly protected.

Photos by courtesy of a couple of pretty cool shooters: Scott Mason and Doug Learned