Shooting for my friends at, I had a little panning practice at Stedman’s Bike Shop’s weekly time-trial on Monday. The race is at 630pm and the light was fading badly so I raised the ISO to 800 to achieve f/8. While panning at 1/60th second I like too have a decent depth-of-field to get as much of the bike/ride in focus while achieving motion blur. There is nothing wrong with shooting wide open at f/2.8 but for the type of shot that I desired the higher f/stop number the better.

If you would like to see all shots from this shoot, you can do so here…

The Technical Stuff

Body:  Canon EOS 1D

Lens:  EF 70mm – 200mm f/2.8

Exposure: ISO800 at 1/60th @ f/8



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