Invest in your future

LinkedIn is where people learn about you! Your LinkedIn profile represents you when you are not there; it is the virtual you, and by default, essential for your career. Would you hire you if you look at your current LinkedIn profile photo with an open critical eye?

With this degree of importance, you really should invest in developing your profile. Your profile photo is a critical component of your brand on LinkedIn and is one of four important elements of your LinkedIn logo LinkedIn profile; the others are:

  • Profile headline
  • Profile summary
  • Your background

While a professional photographer will produce the best profile photos, it isn’t the sole domain of the professional; you can create a good profile image by following these guidelines:

The ‘do nots’:

  • Do not use selfies, have someone else take the photo.
  • Do not use a group or family shot; there are other social media platforms for that type of image. LinkedIn is about you!
  • Do not use a group photo where you have cropped out your friends, be seen to have made an effort in creating your profile shot.
  • Do not use logos; use those on your company page. Use linked in to create and build your ‘personal’ brand.
  • Leave the profile image blank without an actual photo.
  • Do not use a ‘busy’ background that will detract from you.
  • Do not use side views.
  • Do not use shadowy poorly lit images.

The ‘dos’:

LinkedIn Image Specifications (Feb, 2022)

  • File size is 8MB max.
  •  Image size minimum is 400 pixels x 400 pixels to 7680 (w) x 4320 (h) pixels maximum. Although you can crop the photo after uploading, it is best to use an image that does not need much cropping.
  • File type PNG or JPG only

The bottom-line is that investing in great LinkedIn profile photo, is investing in your future.

LinkedIn headshot of a man in a jacket and tie and blue background
LinkedIn headshot of a woman in a jacket and blue background
LinkedIn headshot of a blue shirt and blue background

If you would like to learn more about professional headshot, pop-over to the headshot web page for details on pricing and sitting for your headshot!

TOP TIP. After photographing many, many, headshots… Relax and ‘trust’ your headshot photographer, with trust comes great headshots!