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Rhode Island Product Photographer

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Product and Commercial Photography by George Ross

Rhode Island Product Photographer: using a large translucent still life table, for small to medium-size products, high-quality product imagery can be created relatively quickly without the need for major post-processing work. By illuminating the product from above with, typically, 3 continuous lights with octagonal softboxes, strobes are placed underneath the table to shoot through the translucent table surface to create images with white backgrounds which can be used as-is or can be post-processed easily because of the white background.

Very small products can also be shot on this table or in a product tent. Large objects would be photographed on photo paper or can be photographed on location.

Please review George Ross Photography’s commercial use license.

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Product photography work is project-based with no set pricing schedule as each product shoot has unique requirements.

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Product and Commercial Photography by George Ross