Wedding Shoot Plan George will develop a shoot plan for your big day, your wedding day playbook!

George will meet you at the wedding facilities, within one month of the wedding date, ideally at the same time as the wedding so he can assess the expected lighting conditions and plan out what equipment he will need for each phase of the wedding.

He will walk with the bride and groom, through every step of the wedding day discussing the logistics and what ‘core’ shots that are important to the bride and groom ( and family). It is at this point,  George ‘may’ identify and issues with the location/timing/lighting and develop a timed- plan for the wedding day.

You will be asked to provide a list of all family members who will be in each wedding group photo, this is important. Typically, after the wedding ceremony, the guests will head off to cocktail hour and the photographer has an hour or so, to shoot all the family portraits, the bridal party and the bride and groom formal portraits. By planning ahead, with a list of who will be in what family portrait, George can maximize the available time otherwise it will be like herding cats, and no one wants to herd cats!

After the meeting, George will send you a formal shoot plan so you and/or your wedding planner will know what to expect on the day. You will have an opportunity to edit the document and work together to finalize the shoot plan.

No surprises on your big day!

View a typical wedding day shoot plan.

Read, below,  how invaluable that the shoot plan development process was for Tori in her review inThe Knot.

Wedding review -shoot plan