Shortly after  bride and groom have been on their honeymoon and they come to my office to review their wedding photographs is the perfect time to photograph their wedding rings. During the wedding ceremony there is often too much going on and combine that with the fact that the bride may not want to part with her new treasure. The additional benefit of shooting the wedding rings at the time of the wedding photo review is that we can shoot the rings in my Richmond, Rhode Island studio…a controlled environment. This weekend I photographed two sets of wedding rings that could not be more different in style.

  • The first was photographed over the lyrics of the couple’s (Kelly and Ryan Keaton) first dance. I used continuous studio lights ( two x 500W Octogon Soft boxes)  to give me control over the wedding ring reflection. I used a 50mm f/1.4 to create the dramatic depth-of-field allowing it to bleed from the rear of the rings to the end of the lyrics.
  • The second set proved to be very interesting: wooden wedding bands. I opted to shoot these as if they were the most expensive precious metal rings on the planet and photographed them on a black acrylic platform to create the bold reflections. I position both Octogon Soft boxes  in front and above the rings to emphasize the reflection and fill the center of the rings with light.
  • The third was from a rustic wedding and the rings were shot in the same theme as the wedding