Studio Headshot

ri professional studio headshot

Workplace Headshot

ri professional office headshot

Outdoor Headshot

ri professional outside headshot

I typically shoot three types of headshots:

Studio Headshot: this is the most common type of Headshot primarily because there is an unlimited selection of backdrops available to create the image that my clients desire

Office Headshots: these headshots convey a specific message; in the sample above, we have an attorney sitting in front of the law firm’s legal library.

Outdoor Headshots: while this Headshot may look like it was taken in a studio, it was not. Some clients do not want a standard style of Headshot and want an image that is unique and speaks more to their personality. The location for this image was my yard, outside my studio, which gives my client options – studio or outdoor with no increase in price. Outdoor shots taken on location do have a price premium.

Hi-Key Headshot With a White Background

A perfect backdrop for the creative amongst us. However, the image sis not about the background it is created by the most complicated of the headshot studio lighting set ups. It uses four lights, two to create the white background and two for the subject. The lights will create a white background but if ‘pure’ white is required often I will do that in post-processing.

ri professional headshot with white background

Outdoor Headshot

I took this shot on a summer’s day in my yard. It may look like a studio shout but the beautiful greens are created by the sun shining through the tree leafs and then blurring them out with my camera/lens settings. This client was an author and did not want a studio headshot for the headshot of a book. She was positioned in tree shade and fill-flash was used with a single off-camera strobe.

ri professional outdoor headshot

Studio Headshot With Marble Blue

For those who just  want a simple headshot at a low cost, I have two options. A brown marble background or a blue marble background (this shot).  Both create a beautiful professional headshot and because the set up time is minimal compared to the other types of backgrounds and lighting set ups I can offer these at a low price.

ri professional headshot with marble blue background

Studio Headshot With Marble Brown

As discussed in the previous photo (marble blue), this is an example of the other budget level headshot., But what is of particular interest in this shot is thta Sanaz is wearing glasses and the photo has no light glare whatsoever. So, if you wear eyewear (like me), I have got you covered.

ri professional headshot with marble brown background

Studio Headshot With Black Background

In my experience folks who request a headshot with a black background are in the creative industries, or a looking for something a little different to set them apart. It can create a powerful, artistic image.

ri professional headshot with black background

Any Color You Want!

While I only keep a few colors of backdrop in-stock, I can change the colors by using color gels. these are filters that I add to to my lights to change the colors of the backdrops. And, by changing the power of the lights, I can change the intensity of the color.

ri professional headshot with blue background

So, how ever you want to perceived in your professional headshot, it can be done. Please do not hesitate to call George and discuss your vision, (401) 284-6106

And if you want something even more creative, check out the samples below!

sultry portrait
sultry portrait
sultry portrait
sultry portrait

If you would like to learn more about professional headshot, pop-over to the headshot web page for details on pricing and sitting for your headshot!

TOP TIP. After photographing many, many, headshots… Relax and ‘trust’ your headshot photographer, with trust comes great headshots!