How long is a piece of string?  There are a myriad of places in the OceanState to propose, that said many locations typically selected for a proposal are either

  • Personal to the Couple: somewhere that has a very special meaning


  •  Convenient: if a couple are dressed up to go to dinner while staying in a hotel, it may be more practical to do something local than drive to a more famous location.

Sometimes,  there are no restrictions and I am asked for ideas for a location but even then the final selection will be personal to taste. Here are some of the more popular locations to propose in Rhode Island.

Beavertail State Park

Beavertail is a public coastal recreation area encompassing 153 acres and the state park’s main attraction, at its southern end, is  Beavertail Lighthouse which, in its current form dates back to  1856. Photographers love Beavertail as a location because depending on the light you can use different parts of the park, surrounded by the ocean. However, it can be windy but there are areas secluded from the ocean breezes.

I have found Beavertail to be a perfect location for couple holidaying with a dog. A great place to walk your dog before dinner before spring a surprise proposal on your partner.

a couple celebrating after getting engaged in beavertail State park, rhode island

Cliff Walk Newport

Cliff Walk, Newport: It is very easy to surprise your partner with a proposal on Cliff Walk by asking your partner to go for a walk. Cliff walk is a 3.5-mile public access walkway that borders the shoreline; and was the first  designated  National Recreation Trail in New England.

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